Class Notes -- Ma 375 Communicating Mathematics

Class 24 -- Finishing up.    The final project is discussed and the details of how to
zip the files in the final project  and send them by ftp are illustrated. class 24 slides
A zip file containing examples of nonstandard usage of the crossword.sty style file.

Class 23 -- Modifying large documents, Part II.   We add tex files exported from Maple to the calculus II book on the Chisel Disk.  class 23 slides.  A zipfile of the modified  rootfile (book2.tex) and the and the exported files.  The postscript version of the  new book is zipped but still large (1 meg).

Class 22 -- Modifying Large Documents on the Chisel, Part I.     We colorize the text Visual Problem Solving and add a worksheet.   Class 22 slides.   A zipfile of the color postscript version of the new text.

Class 21 -- Making exams with Maple.  We investigate the ins and outs of making exams in  a maple worksheet.  Class 21 slides.   A zipfile containing a sample exam and the most recent

Class 20 -- More on using and modifying Perl scripts.   We  solve some typical editing problems with Perl.   Class 20 slides.  Most recent  and  (put in chisel/bin).

Class 19 -- Making LaTeX images of books of worksheets with  We build a small book of worksheets and make a LaTex image.  Here is the zipfile with all the files used.  Here is the color postscript image (made with  Class 19 slides.

Class 18 -- A little bit o' Perl  We study just enough Perl to be able to read and modify Perl scripts.  Two scripts and are supplied in the worksheet for class 18,  Here is the postscript version of the worsheet. The class 18 slides are kinda skimpy.

Class 17 -- Making books of worksheets with Perl scripts.   We show how to build a table of contents worksheet and an index worksheet using and  Here is a zipfile of worksheets containing the documentation and perl scripts.  Here is the postscript version of the documentation.  Here are the  Class 17 slides.

Class 16 -- Animations:  Pistons and Basketballs.    We build a model for a moving piston, and another model for a basketball game.   Class 16 slides.  Class 16 worksheet

Class 15 -- Polynomials, pistons, and animations  We discuss the piston problem and exporting its solution in a Maple worksheet to LaTeX.   We also briefly introduce the idea of an animation. Class 15 slides    Class 15 worksheet

Class 14 -- Procedures with polynomials.   We show how to develop procedures in a worksheet and add to the Maple vocabulary.  Class 14 slides    Class 14 worksheet

Class 13 -- Investigating polynomials with Maple.  We start to learn to use Maple as a 'symbolic manipulator'   Add a little to the   homework for next week (see slide 6).  Class 13 slides  Download this worksheet on polynomials.

Class 12 -- Homework, spell-checking, perl, wrapfig, and pstricks.   We look over some homework, do some editing,  use perl for the first time, wrap some text  around a picture with wrapfig.sty, and make some nice pspictures with pstricks.   Class 12 slides   Here is a zipfile of samples and another zipfile for pstricks.  Download to your harddrive,   follow the installation instructions for pstricks on slide 5, and incorporate use of pstricks  into your letter to a friend.   Take an extra week to do the homework.

Class 11 -- Bibliographies, Indices, and Letters.  We include a  bibliography and index file in the algebra book rootfile and write a letter to a friend.   Class 11 slides   Here is the algebra book developement directory in it's current state.  It is a zip file, so save it  to your harddisk and unzip it from a TexShell.  Here is the source for the  customized letter.  The   graphic is not included. You can supply your own.  The assignment for Monday 3/2 is to write a    mathematical letter to a friend. (see slide 6)

Class 10 -- Adventures with Algebra.  We start an algebra book from scratch, and learn more about typesetting mathematics.    Class 10 slides . The rootfile adalg.tex and a couple of chapter files numb1.tex,   polys1.tex and polys2.tex

Class 9 -- Using Rootfiles in LaTeX.    We show how to make rootfiles to organize books, quiz archives, etc.    The assignment (due Monday 2/23) is to make a handout using a root file.  (see slide 8)    Class 9 slides .  A sample rootfile quizes.tex and its included files quiz1.tex  and quiz2.tex

Class 8 -- Getting graphics with Maple.  We show how to use Maple to generate eps files for inclusion into a tex file.   The assignment (due Monday 2/16) is to make a geometry problem set with graphics.    Class 8 slides   The source maple worksheet, an eps file generated by exporting the worksheet to LaTeX,  and a separate tex file which includes that eps file.

Class 7  --  More graphics.   We discuss a making a key to a problem set.  (We had bad network problems today.)  The source tex document, a maple worksheet, the eps file, and a postscript  of the final key to the problem set.

Class  6  --  Making a new problem set.  We make a sample and an assignment   Class 6 slides  The source tex file and eps files (eps1 and eps2) needed to make a postscript    of the sample problem set.

Class 5  --  Review and extend knowledge of Maple  We return to the beginning.  Class 5 slides

Class 4 -- Getting graphics.  We discuss 3 ways to get pictures into a LaTeX file.    Class 4 slides   The source tex file, the bmp file, and the eps file we used today.   The postscript file obtained.   The text editor I am using is  pfe, the programmers file editor.   A LaTeX2e help file gives partial help on LaTeX2e commands.

 Class 3 -- Modifying an old tex file   We show how to get a tex file off the chisel disk and modify it.   Class 3 slides   A LaTeX2e help file gives partial help on LaTeX2e commands.   The source documents of  the modified test (with graph) and key   The postscript versions of the  modified test and key

Class 2 -- Hello World! in LaTeX.   We show how to go through the editing cycle after the Chisel disk   has been installed.   Class2 slides.

Class 1 -- Introduction    Class1 slides.  Assignments and grading policy.